art, community, gratitude – Friday nights in Center City

Many thanks to everyone who visited Al’s Glass Showroom this month! We’ve had the door open for the past three Fridays – up until the music starts next door at the bar – and have had a great time welcoming friends and neighbors.

We’re lucky to have the company of two Center City artisans who’ve contributed work to this project. Travis Greene quickly created fantastic wood pallet display pieces for the space. His repurposed, rustic instant organizers are available at the Showroom and at etsy. Delia Jurek, in the midst of organizing her studio up the street, has shared a trio of large monoprints and has placed a selection of unframed work for sale. Familiar places are reflected in this longtime local’s imagery.

Friday night feels right in Center City. Al’s Center Saloon, as always, is serving awesome burgers until midnight and hosting live music or karaoke each week. Scenic North Center Lake is blooming and Cotton Candy Ice Cream Shop has opened for the season across the road. Throughout the summer, Al’s Showroom will be open Fridays from 3-8PM. Please join us to kick off each weekend with art, music, great food and good spirits.

Alan Honn Glass Showroom
321 Summit Avenue
Center City, MN 55012

Fridays, 3-8PM and by appointment

aEntrance bView cShiny dGreene2 eJurek fDennison gWindow hJurek3 iJurek2